Outsourcing the accounting department inside the Client’s structure

In partnership with the Client, we help companies make the right decisions and effectively overcome barriers to their businesses growth.

  • Accounting centre – An accounting centre for companies with multiple branches and internal accounting departments in organisational structures
  • Accounting department outsourcing within the Client's organisation
  • Accounting supervision
  • Internal audit
  • Accounting / tax audit
  • Accounting staff substitution
  • Legal and tax consultancy

We understand how important for our Clients the ability to get an immediate phone consultation is. Hence, we encourage you to contact us. We are available to share knowledge and experience, to support you in solving current issues, problems or challenges.

An application that allows access to all data from anywhere globally, thanks to which the management or the company owner has full access to financial, HR, commercial, and other information via any web browser.

Digitisation, the transition from paper to electronic form.

To optimise costs and improve the quality of communication between BUSINESS CARE and the Client, we offer full support in the development of electronic document flow, adjusted to the specific needs of the company.

Thanks to this solution, the Client has 24/7 access to electronic versions of their documents, and at the same time, can manage physical copies, depending on the internal needs of their organisation.

The use of an outsourcing company's services optimises individual departments' work, which contributes to more effective business management.

Accounting Center

Accounting centre for companies with multiple offices and internal accounting departments in individual branches.
Multi-branch structures generate problems with data flow and with their consolidation. Often, data is based on different standards and recorded in various computer systems.

The Accounting Centre duty is to:

  • Check that all branches operate according to the same accounting principles,
  • Ensure the comparability of data across all branches,
  • Monitor the document and information flow between individual Group units,
  • Consolidate the result and check the outcome of consolidated reports.

Thanks to the Accounting Centre service, the company can save on building complex holding structures. It also acquires a partner controlling the Group's accounting functions' quality and advises on developing these structures to obtain the highest quality of information.

Accounting department outsourcing inside the Client's structures

Companies often abandon accounting outsourcing services because their organisation needs regular contact with an accounting department. The rationale of operational efficiency justifies that decision, but, at the same time, transfers the full risk and the obligation to manage an accounting function within the organisation.

BUSINESS CARE offers an accounting outsourcing service within the Client's organisation.

Thanks to this service:

  • The accounting department is constantly at hand (within the structures of the company)
  • Responsibility for accounting services is transferred to BUSINESS CARE.

At BUSINESS CARE, we use an application custom developed for us, which allows us to prepare any report based on the data in the accounting system database. The reports we design based on the system data are dedicated to people managing the company and controlling departments. The application allows multiple databases to be used in one report, facilitating the creation of statements and consolidated reports for and subsidiaries or capital groups.

The solution proposed by BUSINESS CARE brings tangible benefits for firms in the growth stage by including a financial expert in the company's decision-making process without the need to hire a full-time specialist.

The Chief Accountant / Controller / Financial Analyst, Financial Director function takeover service is aimed at companies that need expert help of an advisor who will support the company during its growth and help identify opportunities, threats, and possibilities for cost optimisation.

The outsourcing of the Financial Director's services will benefit both companies that have not yet achieved the appropriate scale to build and utilise the potential of an internal finance department and companies in the phase of intensive growth. The outsourcing service and the introduction of an experienced consultant in the Director and/or Financial Controller's role in the decision-making process are effective and practical solutions.

In the next phase of your company's growth, we offer assistance in building an internal finance team.

what makes us different

Third-party liability insurance up to PLN 2 000 000 + additional insurance policies
Modern organisational and IT solutions in professional services outsourcing
Handling responsibilities regarding the Polish Tax Office (US), National Labour Inspectorate (PIP), Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), and Central Statistical Office (GUS)
Knowledge of International Accounting Standards
Ability to take over the Chief Accountant, Controller / Financial Analyst, and Financial Director function
Specialisation in providing services to capital companies
Experience in providing services to foreign and corporate Clients
Support of the Arteria S.A. Capital Group listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2009
A dedicated Client Manager - Keeps the Client informed of any risks or optimisation opportunities regarding the business
Adaptability and reactivity to the needs of the Client (services in foreign languages, flexibility regarding software use)
Comprehensive service from a single provider
Consultancy hotline, depending on the needs of the Client: Tax and labor law
Services in foreign languages

case studies

Automotive sector

"The collaboration model, combining traditional accounting with accounting services outsourcing, was a perfect solution for our company. Thanks to this, the company's structure was not disrupted and the professionalism of the outsourcing company Board and representatives provided us with a sense of security and confidence in our accounting, finance, HR, and payroll administration.

In this model, the key part was the creativity, experience, and excellent interpersonal skills of BC Advanced Solutions' CEO, who provided invaluable advice on various business issues.

The collaboration with BC Advanced Solutions employees is characterized by their extensive knowledge, timeliness, flexibility, and ability to adapt to the Client's needs."

General Director, Central and Eastern Europe

Construction and architectural sector

"BC Advanced Solutions Board helped us to liquidate a daughter company and then open a branch in Poland, in an efficient and timely way, without any complications, which had a direct impact on the financial benefits of the parent company's tax returns.

In our partnership so far, BC has presented as a trustworthy companion, with high-quality services provided both during the company liquidation and the new branch establishment. Successful US inspections also confirm the professionalism of their accounting experts."

Proxy, Managing Director

IT sector

"BC Advanced Solutions employees managed our Finance & Accounting Department as well as Human Resource & Payroll Department. Despite starting our partnership during a challenging time (taking over an organised enterprise from the newly acquired company and outsourcing some financial and accounting functions to the regional headquarters in Germany), the Finance & Accounting Department as well as Human Resource & Payroll Department quickly became part of the organisation. They took over the management of the structures as mentioned above and restored the functionality of our unit. They are professionals who are highly flexible and committed."

Executive Vice-President of International Operations

Industrial electronics sector

"BC Advanced Solutions staff consists of people who will cope with even the most demanding finance and accounting tasks. They offered invaluable help in implementing the changes necessary to adapt our company to the new owner's standards. Their actions reduced the costs of the unit's operation. They are experts on management, financial liquidity, and business consulting.

We highly appreciate their professionalism, honesty, and dedication. "

Chairman of the Board

Finance sector

"Cooperation with the Board and the team is effective, reliable, and timely, which is a critical issue when outsourcing accounting and advisory services. Board members and the team helped us recover VAT from several years ago efficiently, quickly, and without additional Tax Office controls.

The team possesses excellent hands-on expertise. BC Advanced Solutions provides high-quality services and shows commitment to our business.

We endorse this company as a business partner worth recommending."